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YouTube is but one example of a web site that people upload and share their videos publicly. YouTube is the biggest video hosting and sharing site and attracts the most viewers: I placed Video Production Guide videos there as to test for audience numbers, and also to experiment with its HD settings.

But YouTube is not the only public video hosting site. If you want to appear in front of even more viewers there are other possibilities where you can reach more potential customers. These viewers can then be enticed to your web site and perhaps purchase your product, a service, or a subscription. Just like many of the social blog web sites, there are many more video sites that also have certain viewer traits and social aspects.

The following sites are some examples where you can upload your video in the same manner as YouTube, after first registering or creating an account at each web site.

Google Video discontinued
Yahoo! Video Flickr

Some sites have a niche audience, therefore it would be inappropriate to submit a marketing or demonstration video to, for example, a movie review site. Smugmug attracts professional photographers and videographers like Vincent Laforet.

It would make sense, then, to keep in mind your prospective clientele and use the video sites that target that audience. YouTube is the numbers leader but your video can get lost in the mass of submissions. YahooFlickr, Myspace, Metacafe, Google, Viddler, DailyMotion and Vimeo are just as important. Howcast, Graspr and 5min are good if your videos are how-to related. But, sites like Crackle, Imeem and Break are very niche oriented and have fewer viewers.

When submitting the videos made for Video Production Guide I chose not to use some hosting sites that were not a good fit with the style of my content and profile of the audience.

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  2. Hi,
    Video sharing is all the rage since a while now, and it does not seem to end. Everybody wants to share their videos, their passions and the things they like. There are so many sites around to publish videos on the web that it is sometimes hard to make a choice. We know some of the big players on the market like YouTube, Revver or Dailymotion, but there are so many others competing to be the number one, or targeting a specific audience, be it geographically (China, Japan, Turkey…), by language (German, Arabic, French…) or for the kind of content they focus on (cooking, planes, extreme sports…).
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    For each of them, you will get useful information such as their history, the country from which most of their visitors come, their niche, their rank, their latest news…
    This site offers some other interesting features, like a forum about online videos, how to make money with your videos, how to create your own YouTube site, video contests, etc.
    So if you are interested in video sharing or online video marketing, give an eye to this site, it worths it.

  3. Nice post. I learned something new. Thanks for helping with my video editing promotion.

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