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Once you have uploaded your HD video to YouTube it becomes available for viewing. If you have titled and tagged your video with popularly searched keywords then it may be found by people searching directly on YouTube’s site, or on Google search.

Depending on how many other people have videos and websites with your topic you may be listed in search results where no one will see it. Not many people search beyond the second page of search engine results. About 42% of searchers click on position one, and fewer than 5% look at the second page of results.

In order to have people find your video you need to get to page one, and the commonly believed way to do that is to get “votes” for your content. These votes of popularity are links from other web sites. This can take some time to happen naturally but there are some tips to help get you started up the list.

You can use the comment feature of blogs, post questions or answers in forums, or answer questions in platforms such as Yahoo Answers.

When commenting use your keyword in the name field. If you have a very long-tail keyword, or if the keyword is unusual, you might also choose to use a phrase to anchor such as John@bestbassfishingluresguide. This is a more friendly anchor that is more likely to be approved in a comment but also contains your keywords.

When finding places to obtain external links, look for sites that have relevant content and high authority, as measured by Google’s PR or SERP position.

The most powerful backlink you can obtain is your keyword anchored within a blog post, or an equivalent placement within a text page, that is of relevant content to your topic. For example a link to your bass fishing lures blog within a website about fishing, bass boats, or gillies is stronger than in a website about quilting.

If your anchored link placement occurs on a high authority web page that has high Google PR rank then that page rank is transferred to your link. The strength of that transferred rank is diluted by the number of outgoing links on that page. Therefore, when finding places to leave anchored links look for high page rank pages with few outgoing links. For example: if there is a choice between two pages of similar rank and one has fewer comments pick the fewer links out page for the most strength in transferred rank.

Under all circumstances have a variety of links in the manner that would occur naturally if people were to link or bookmark to your web site. You can imagine that naturally, people would choose different anchor text in various pages and include multiple but similar topics when bookmarking pages that interest them.

Also consider how many links you create at one time. A new blog on a new topic would rarely have 1,000’s of links appearing one day after its creation. It would be prudent to gradually build up the number and quality of links over a period of time. Keep in mind however that links created at one time will appear over time, usually in Yahoo first and much later if ever in Google.

Also under natural conditions links would come from a variety of sources. This means you need links from not only other blogs but from forums, articles, directories; as many places as possible.

Besides high PR ranked sites, considerable weight or juice comes from web sites with .gov top level domain names. These web sites are often hard to find and even harder to find pages on which to comment or obtain links. One possibility is subdomains at universities’ web sites but they are often of low relevance or value.

For on-page search engine optimization, internally linking your posts to each other by using your keywords as anchor text helps cross-link your keywords within your blog.

Having category titles, post titles, and tags relating to your keywords, that display in the sidebar are other ways to have multiple internal links.

When you write a post be sure to have a good keyword-rich title and check that the blog permalink URL is suitable for anchoring.

You can always go back and change the content of the post but it is not wise to change the post URL. If it has been indexed and linked to previously, removing the URL will cause a ‘404 – page not found’ error.

When writing about, for example, how to video a wedding, include the word wedding, bride, wedding flowers, wedding gown, and video lighting. These words are all semantically related to your main topic.

Beware including your key phrase too many times, otherwise known as keyword stuffing. Your keyword phrase should not appear much more than about 5% of the content. Longer posts can help reduce the likelihood of over-stuffing. A good test would be that it reads naturally. On the other hand be sure to include your keywords at the beginning and at the end for a total of two or three times, or once per hundred words, in order to let the search engines know what the topic is about. A quick way to see the keyword density is with the browser plugin SEOQuake.

Using synonyms and related words is a good way to stay on topic and provide variety. Sometimes one related word or phrase may turn out to be more highly searched. Longer posts, for example over 600 words, are more likely to include a greater variety of searchable phrases. These can form the long tail of searched words.

When search engines index information they log multiple word combinations or phrases besides your main keyword.

Any of these words would be used for your anchor text when linking at other sites or internally linking your posts amongst each other.

Obtaining links is one of the hardest parts of search engine optimization tasks and promotion. Working with topics or niches that interest you will make it easier to accomplish and also appear more natural.

With pure video content it is harder to include much information that search engines can analyze but that makes it easier to pick the few words possible in your title, description and tags. It also means that these few words must be chosen extremely carefully.

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