Installing Revive Adserver

Here are the steps I used for a Revive Adserver 3.0.0 installation. They are basically the same as for OpenX Source. I used cPanel as provided by Hostgator hosting.

The easiest installation procedure is to install Revive Adserver in a domain subdirectory, which is what is described below. However a preferable location is a subdirectory of a subdomain. e.g.

Download Revive Adserver:

Download the latest version zip file from

Upload to public_html folder and extract, (or extract on your computer and FTP upload all files).

Select public_html to save to the public root of the domain, or if using shared hosting select the add-on domain name, upload, browse to and select revive-adserver zip file on your computer.

In server’s “File Manager”, select the zip file and Extract. The zip file will create a folder named revive-adserver-version containing all the folders and files. (If using FTP then extract the zip file on your computer first then upload the folder to the server).
To use a domain sub folder, rename “revive-adserver-version” to something shorter such as “r”. Avoid using a directory name such as ad, ads, or adserver, as these words might be filtered out by ad-blocking software. Adserver is also the name of a spyware virus.

Select r/var folder and change permissions from 755 to 777 (all read, write, execute) Similarly, change permissions of folders r/var/cache, r/var/plugins, r/var/templates, and r/www/images to 777.

Create Database:

From hosting Home menu, select MySQL Databases.
New Database: xxxx_reviveads (where xxxx is the hosting account name and reviveads is my database example name).

Click “Create Database”
Click “Go Back” and scroll down to MySQL Users

Click “Add New User”
Username: xxxx_raadmin (You should use an administrator name that is harder to guess).
Password: (create and write it down, to be used later)
Click “Go Back”
Scroll down and click “Add User To Database”

Select User: xxxx_radamin
Database: xxxx_reviveads
Click “Add”
Manage User Privileges: Check box ALL
Click “Add”
Click “Go Back”


Go to browser url address http://youradserverdomainname/r which will begin the installation wizard.

1. Agree to license
2. Provide your database:
Database name: xxxx_reviveads
Username: xxxx_raadmin
Password: (enter what was created above)
Hostname: localhost
Click “Continue”
3.  Configure your local Revive Adserver administrator account:
Username: raadmin (or a more obscure admin name)
Password: (this will be your Revive Adserver admin access password)
Email address: (for admin ad server messages)
Time Zone:
Click “Continue”
Installation proceeds.
4.  Finish.
Click “Continue”

The Revive Adserver administrator dashboard opens.

Before going any further, go to the host server “File Manager” and delete or rename the file r/www/admin/install.php (for security reasons).

The ad server is now ready to accept inventory of ad campaigns, and placement destinations.

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