Installing Revive Adserver

Here are the steps I used for a Revive Adserver 3.0.0 installation. They are basically the same as for OpenX Source. I used cPanel as provided by Hostgator hosting.

The easiest installation procedure is to install Revive Adserver in a domain subdirectory, which is what is described below. However a preferable location is a subdirectory of a subdomain. e.g.

Download Revive Adserver:

Download the latest version zip file from

Upload to public_html folder and extract, (or extract on your computer and FTP upload all files).

Select public_html to save to the public root of the domain, or if using shared hosting select the add-on domain name, upload, browse to and select revive-adserver zip file on your computer.

In server’s “File Manager”, select the zip file and Extract. The zip file will create a folder named revive-adserver-version containing all the folders and files. (If using FTP then extract the zip file on your computer first then upload the folder to the server).
To use a domain sub folder, rename “revive-adserver-version” to something shorter such as “r”. Avoid using a directory name such as ad, ads, or adserver, as these words might be filtered out by ad-blocking software. Adserver is also the name of a spyware virus.

Select r/var folder and change permissions from 755 to 777 (all read, write, execute) Similarly, change permissions of folders r/var/cache, r/var/plugins, r/var/templates, and r/www/images to 777.

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