How to Upgrade OpenX to Revive Adserver

Following are the steps I used to upgrade an ad server with OpenX 2.8.1 to Revive Adserver 3.0.5

This is an in-place upgrade that duplicates the OpenX database so that original data is not altered. The changeover to the new database takes only a few minutes, which means little down time of the production ad server.

The existing platform was a site hosted on Hostgator where the OpenX installation was in a subdirectory of the root. First priority was to obtain a full backup, which was performed from the server’s cPanel interface. For Step 11, you will also need to know how to copy a database, using phpMyAdmin or MySQL command line.

(Italics indicate example names that will be different in your installation).

While in server administration I noted the database setup.
MySQL Database: account_openx
MySQL User: account_admin with All Privileges
MySQL User Password

Also noted was the name of the folder where the OpenX administrator had placed banner images. In this case it was, which is the default location but is often changed in many existing installations. This is confirmed in OpenX using Admin account, Configuration tab, Banner Storage Settings option, and looking in the Local Directory field.

Upgrade Steps

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