Video Production Campaign

At this point I want to summarize the steps involved in this video production campaign to promote a fictional product or service.

Traditional methods would include creating a blog or Web site, optimizing for on-page factors and promoting off-page, using link building with keywords, tags, and bookmarking. The goal is getting to the top of Google results for your product name or phrase keyword.

YouTube is second only to Google as the most popular search engine. So more people search via the YouTube site than through Yahoo and MSN. But how does that affect marketing tactics? Obviously putting your message in front of the most people is desirable. With so many people searching on YouTube is it also helpful to focus on video as a contributing media platform? Does the traffic convert or can your product or service be sold to video viewers? How do you optimize video for search? How do you promote video off-page? Does video help your Google ranking and authority?

These are the questions and challenges for a video production campaign. I chose to do a series of blog posts to test search engine results to video content and with less emphasis on text content such as blog posts and articles.

The first challenge is to come up with some content suitable for video. A quick and easy way would be to just turn on the web cam and speak for a few minutes, then load it up to YouTube. Quality standards on YouTube are typically fairly low both in terms of subject matter and also image resolution. Part of my experiment was a curiosity about high quality video and and which hosting sites offered High Definition and widescreen format.

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